The Ancestral Places Geneameme Challenge

Inspired by “The Ancestral Places Geneameme” post at, I created this list of places connected to my ancestors. As you can see, some letters are more represented than others. And I was unable to locate any place names for U, X, and Z. But I left them blank for now – because you never know.

I particularly liked the idea that this list is actually cousin bait for surnames and locations.

So here goes!

A – Alberton, Mineral County, Montana (Blacker, Kieron/Kieran)
A – Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts (Martin, Silver, Weed)
A – Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts (Blake, Tyler)
B – Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Kauzler, Ziegler)
B – Belmont, Lewis and Clark County, Montana (Rumping, Schenk/Schenck, Ziegler)
B – Belt, Cascade County, Montana (Schenk/Schenck)
B – Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana (Rümping)
B – Bisbee, Cochise County, Arizona (Rümping)
B – Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts (Webb)
B – Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts (Howard, Tyler)
B – Bradford, Orange County, Vermont (Collins, Martin)
B – Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana (Kieron/Kieran, Hennelly, Myers)
C – Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania (Blacker/Bleiker, Lauer/Lower/Lowry)
D – Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio (Blacker/Bleiker, Lauer/Lower/Lowry)
D – Deer Lodge, Powell County, Montana (Blacker, Kieron/Kieran)
D – Denver, Denver County, Colorado (Blacker)
D – Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa (Rümping)
D – Dover, Stratford County, New Hampshire (Howard, Rowe)
D – Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa (Rümping)
D – Drumgoosat, County Monaghan, Ireland (Kieron/Kieran, Martin)
E – Elizabeth, Miami County, Ohio (Blacker/Bleiker, Lauer/Lower/Lowry)
F – Forchheim, Emmendingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Specht, Futterer)
F – French Creek, Chautauqua County, New York (Collins, Martin)
G – Germany (Blacker/Bleiker, Lauer/Lower/Lowry)
G – Goffstown, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire (Martin, Runyon)
G – Great Falls, Cascade County, Montana (Blacker, Dalin)
H – Halsingtuna, Gävleborg, Sweden (Ersdotter, Johansdotter, Karlsson)
H – Hassel, Broadwater County, Montana (Dahlin/Dalin, Johansdotter)
H – Heeke, Osnabrück, Niedersachsen, Germany (Rümping, Zum Dresch)
H – Helena, Lewis and Clark County, Montana (Blacker, Dalin)
H – Hertfordshire County, England (Andrews)
H – Houghton, Houghton County, Michigan (Schenk/Schenck, Ziegler)
H – Hudiksvall, Hälsingland, Gävleborg County, Sweden (Dahlin/Dalin, Johansdotter, Andersson)
H – Huntingdon Country, Pennsylvania (Blacker/Bleiker, Lauer/Lower/Lowry)
I – Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, Idaho (Buchenau, Smith)
J – Jefferson, Ashtabula County, Ohio (Tyler)
K – Karlsbad, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Buchenau)
K – Knodishall, Suffolk, England (Martin)
L – Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut (Chapman, Tyler)
L – Leigh, Wiltshire, England (Armitage)
L – Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts (Howard, Tarbox)
M – Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois (Blacker/Bleiker, Lauer/Lower/Lowry)
M – Marysville, Lewis and Clark County, Montana (Rümping, Schenk/Schenck)
M – Missoula, Missoula County, Montana (Blacker, Kieron/Kieran)
N – Neihart, Cascade County, Montana (Andries, Schenk/Schenck, Ziegler)
N – Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts (Silver)
N – North Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana (Specht, Gueringer)
O – Oakland, Alameda County, Montana (Blacker, Kieron/Kieran)
O – Ottawa, LaSalle County, Illinois (Buchenau, Tyler)
O – Ower Townland, County Galway, Ireland (Hennelly, Myres/Myers)
P – Pendleton, Lancashire, England (Armitage)
P – Piermont, Grafton County, New Hampshire (Chapman, Tyler)
P – Prussia (Blacker/Bleiker, Lauer/Lower/Lowry)
Q – Queenstown, County Cork, Ireland (Hennelly, Myres/Myers)1
R – Radersburg, Broadwater County, Montana (Blacker, Buchenau)
R – Rattvik, Dalarna, Sweden (Andersson, Ersson, Hanson, Larsdotter, Larsson, Olsdotter)
R – Richland, Richland County, Wisconsin (Martin, Tyler)
R – Ropley, Hampshire, England (Silver)
R – Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts (Silver)
S – Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts (Martin, North)
S – San Jose, Santa Clara County, California (Blacker, Swezey)
S – Sand Creek, Jennings County, Indiana (Specht, Gueringer)
S – Saybrook, Ashtabula County, Ohio (Howard, Tyler)
S – Shropshire County, England (Tyler)
S – Somerset, Somerset County, Pennsylvania (Collins)
S – Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsylvania (Martin, Tyler)
S – St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri (Blacker, Buchenau, Tyler)
S – St. Louis, Missouri (Rümping)
S – St. Louis County, Minnesota (Dahlin/Dalin)
S – Stockholm, Sweden (Ruthman)
S – Switzerland (Schenk/Schenck, Saltzmann)
T – Thetford, Orange County, Vermont (Howard, Rowe)
U –
V – Virginia City, Madison County, Montana (Blacker)
W – Warren, Cochise County, Arizona (Rümping)
W – Wathena, Doniphan County, Kansas (Buchenau, Tyler)
W – Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts (Tarbox)
W – Wrightsburgh, Ashtabula County, Ohio (Howard, Tyler)
X –
Y – Yew Tree Cemetery, Lancashire, England (Myres/Myers)
Z –

What places do your ancestors come from?

The featured image is a photo by dkaminsky,


  1. This might be cheating just a bit. None of my Irish ancestors lived there but many left Ireland at Queenstown.
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4 thoughts on “The Ancestral Places Geneameme Challenge

    1. Thanks for checking out my list, Jane. It was a fun and interesting exercise. Now I find myself wanting a big wall map! Hmmm . . . .

      The photo comes from If I don’t have something in my own photo collection, I can always find something there.

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