As Time Goes By

Inspired by an article entitled “Then and Now Photos Show People as Young Adults and at 100 Years Old”, I took a look at some of the family photos in my own collection to see if I could assemble a similar group.

The results were somewhat surprising. Most noteworthy . . .

  • In many cases, I found pictures where the poses were quite similar, even though many years had passed in between.
  • And of course it was fun to see how some facial features never change!

Here’s my collection . . .

Ada Cordelia Buchenau Blacker (1853-1950), 18 years old and 92 years old


Brita Johansdotter Dalin (1863-1942), 27 years old and 77 years old
Cid Hader Dalin (1896-1952), 18 years old and 54 years old
Georgiana Frances Schenck Dalin (1900-1966), 20 years old and 66 years old
Katherine Rebecca Blacker (1882-1966), 12 years old and 73 years old
Mary Gertrude Rumping Schenck Schaffer Riordan (1878-1952), 17 years old and 69 years old
Catherine Tyler Buchenau (1829-1923), 25 years old and 90 years old
John David Blacker (1889-1960), 5 years old and 65 years old
Muzetta Blacker (1873-1975), 10 years old and 83 years old
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