Tumbling brick walls in my future??

Photo by Claus Rebler (CC BY-SA 2.0 license)
Photo by Claus Rebler (CC BY-SA 2.0 license)

It’s interesting to me that we know very little about the BLACKER side of my family – my mother’s maiden name. Well, we actually know a great deal about her grandfather, DAVID LYMAN BLACKER  once he arrived in Montana that is. But we know very little about his German parents, LEWIS BLACKER and MARGARET R. LOURY.

  • We know they were both born in Germany but where? And who are their parents?
  • We know they immigrated to the United States but when?  
  • And when did they die? And where are they are buried?

Yesterday, however, I received some possible new information that I’m very excited to share!  Here’s how it all came about.

Last month, while doing some research on Ancestry.com, I came across a newly posted photograph of a grave stone for MARGARET R. (LOURY) BLACKER[1. The photo was added by another Ancestry member.  I have asked her for permission to share that photo on this blog. In the meantime, for those of you that have a subscription to Ancestry, you can find it attached to Margaret in my “Blacker Family Tree”.].  The grave stone also contains her birth date – 1 December 1806 – and her death date – 15 September 1890.  All new information!!

I immediately contacted the Ancestry member who added the photograph with lots of questions.  She responded yesterday and here is the information she shared:[2. She stated her source as follows: “McDonough County Genealogical Society Book of the Oakwood Cemetery listings”.]

  • Name: Margaret Rebecca Blacker
  • Birth: 1806 in Germany
  • Date of Burial: 16 September 1890 in Oakwood Cemetery, Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois
  • Cause of Death: Old Age (Dropsey)[3. According to MedicineNet.com, dropsey is “An old term for the swelling of soft tissues due to the accumulation of excess water.” Probably edema due to congestive heart failure.]
  • Mother: Mary Ullery[4. Possibly the best bit of new information! I’ve done a little checking and it appears this is a German surname. Bingo!]
  • Siblings: “Chris”, Kate (smith), Lydia and others.[5. Wonderful new leads! Wow!!]
  • Spouse: Lewis Blacker
  • Issue: Caroline (Goudy), Catherine, David[5. I assume this is DAVID LYMAN BLACKER.], Susan (Mental), Elizabeth (Pearce)[6. This is one sister I already knew about.], Lydia, Mary, Sarah (Ford)(Connor)[7. A second sister that I knew about.], Ann (Stone), Jacob, Harriett, Henry, Thomas and Louisa.[8. Fourteen children?!? More wonderful new leads!! More wow!!!]

As usual, all this new information begs even more questions[9. Not the least of which is, am I sure this is the right person??] – all of which I’m following now.  I’ll share updates as I get more information and answers.

On a lighter note, when I stopped by my Mom’s house yesterday to share the exciting news, she shared with me my daily horoscope from our local newspaper –

“Everyone fits in somewhere. You suspect it’s harder for you now because of your uncommon talents and interests[10. Uh, what the heck does that mean??] – you might be right.  Luckily you have the Internet to help you look for your tribe.”[11. Love it!!]

Well, I don’t know about all that – but I think it’s safe to predict some tumbling brick walls in my genealogy future!


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